Although we no longer have our Precision Bolt Action Receivers in production, we have left several pages of detailed description up on our website for review.  The CST Precision Bolt Action Receiver represents the pursuit of excellence and innovation we strive for at CST.  To date, we believe these are the finest bolt action receivers made available, both by design and workmanship.  To those who believed in us early on and now are lucky enough to own one, we are deeply thankful! 

CST has been working on several design projects, including a new bolt action long range platform, and hope to have more exciting products made available soon!


Special thanks and congratulations to Col. Billy Stevens for winning the 2016 44th Super Shoot using CST Model SBRR actions!  Good luck in 2017!


The Patented CST Precision Bolt Action Receiver, Model SBRR, (Benchrest)



The CST Precision Action incorporates ground breaking innovations making it the most advanced bolt action design to date.  Rather than emulate century year old technology, the CST action has been engineered specifically from the ground up to provide the most accurate shooting platform obtainable. 

As with other competition grade receivers, the CST action is machined from premium materials to rigid geometric tolerances.  However, what truly sets it apart is a smarter design eliminating flaws of conventional bolt action rifles.


Cone-Lok Bolt:

The heart of the CST action design’s accuracy potential lies with the cone shaped locking lugs and the cone shaped floating bolt handle.  Both the locking lugs and bolt handle are matched to precision conical seats machined in the receiver concentric to each other and center of bore.

Upon bolt lock up, the floating bolt handle becomes pressurized to force both the rear and front of the bolt to seat dead center and square every time, regardless of bolt diameter fit or wear.  With this system, pressure to all locking lugs is maintained even after the sear is released when pressing the trigger.


• Cone-Lok™ bolt design utilizes cone shaped locking lugs and a cone shaped floating bolt handle forcing both the rear and the front of the bolt to seat dead center and square upon closing the bolt. Continuous and uniform pressure of all locking lugs is maintained even during firing pin travel.

• 3 lug design with 60-degree bolt throw with dual-cam cocking mechanism for smooth bolt lift.

 Patented Zero-Lift Cocking Piece

Patented Zero-Lift Cocking Piece

    • All models feature a zero-lift cocking piece. Flanges extending from the sides of the cocking piece ride in a precision T-slot machined in the tang of the action body preventing upward lift of the firing mechanism during bolt lockup. As a result, rear bolt lift caused by an angled sear engagement is eliminated.

• Rear-magnetized .062” firing pin tip maintains contact with the firing mechanism while floating inside the bolt bind-free. Firing mechanism is easily field stripped from the bolt by hand, with no special tools needed.


 • Angle-Block™ bedding system is standard on SCP models. Rather than a double action-screw design with small pillars, the Angle-Block bedding system utilizes three large bedding blocks housing a total of six angle-entry action-screws.

Angled screw holes allow the use of a single entry opening at the bottom of the stock, while offering double the torque at each of three bedding blocks.  This system generates triple the torque of conventional bolt action rifles.

 • SCP models feature full-length integral picattiny scope base with optional long-range tapers available.


• SBRR models feature a round action body design for glue-in bedding applications.

• SCP models feature integral parallel to bore recoil surfaces, with an optional full 180-degree wrap-around recoil lug available. Axial recoil surfaces are designed to negate recoil energy in the same plane as its source.


• All models are supplied with trigger hangers fully adjustable for setting correct firing pin travel and detachable through the trigger guard slot. Different brand triggers can be installed and the correct firing pin travel set. The SCP Model trigger guard is independently attached to the stock allowing trigger removal and adjustment without disrupting torque settings of the rear action screws.

• Floating ejector button will not influence a chambered cartridge and allows manually controlled ejection force.

• Traditional easy to use mauser style bolt release does not contact bolt lugs eliminating damage to critical lug surfaces during hard retraction.